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"Infection Was No Match For Your Acai Berry!"
Chris Sobert of Ottawa, Ontario

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"About 3 weeks ago, I developed a nagging toothache in a lower right tooth that had been crowned years ago. I began taking Aleve to help with the pain—the first dental appointment I could get was one week away. When the day arrived, the dentist took X-rays, told me there was an infection in the root and referred me to a specialist. That evening, I began taking Natural Home Freeze Dried Cures Acai Berry twice a day. The specialist appointment was set for two weeks later. When the dreaded day came, I settled into the chair, not looking forward to the next hour or two. When I walked back into the waiting room just minutes later, I was elated, and my wife was stunned. The dentist had taken another X-ray, found NO sign of any infection and said there was NO need for a root canal! The only change in my daily regimen has consuming Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Acai Berry without fail. It appears the infection was no match for your acai berry."


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