Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Acai Berry For Asthma

Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Acai Berry For Asthma


Asthma is a common chronic inflammation of the airways characterized by swelling and bronchospasm.(1) The inflammation leads to narrowing of the bronchial tubes, either totally or partially. The result is difficulty in breathing (dyspnea). Asthma affects seven percent of the population of the United States and approximately 300 million people worldwide.(2) The disease is prevalent, but the mortality rate is relatively low. Asthma is responsible for 4,000 deaths per year in the United States and 250,000 deaths per year across the globe.(3)

When the bronchial tubes are chronically inflamed, they tend to be more sensitive to allergens or irritants. In such cases, the airways become highly irritable and may remain in a state of heightened sensitivity that is also known as bronchial hyperreactivity (BHR).(4) Experts say that there is a certain degree of bronchial hyperreactivity in all individuals, but apparently asthmatics have a higher degree when compared to nonasthmatic people. Sensitive individuals are more likely to experience swelling and constriction of the bronchial tubes when exposed to allergens and other triggers such as cigarette smoke, dust or exercise. Among asthmatics, some may have severe BHR and chronic symptoms while others may only have mild BHR and no symptoms. Evidently, people are affected differently by asthma. Each individual has a unique reaction to various allergens and environmental triggers. This significantly influences the specific type and dose of asthma medication which may also vary from one person to another.

Asthma Symptoms

In general, there are four major symptoms of asthma. First is shortness of breath (SOB), normally seen with physical exertion or at night. Next is wheezing which is characterized by a whistling sound upon exhalation. Third is coughing which is typically worse at night or early in the morning. Coughing can be chronic and it may be triggered by exposure to cold air or exercise. The last one is the tightness of the chest that may occur with or without the other aforementioned symptoms.

Note that all of the symptoms mentioned above can be present in other respiratory, and sometimes, in cardiac diseases. This possible confusion highlights the importance of determining the particular settings in which the symptoms take place. Moreover, diagnostic testing plays a crucial role in identifying the asthma disorder.


Asthma Treatment

The asthma treatment protocol primarily focuses on relaxing bronchospasm with the use of bronchodilators, or reducing inflammation with the help of corticosteroids. These asthma medications are divided into two types: asthma quick-relief medications used to treat acute asthma attacks(5) and asthma long-term control medications used to prevent exacerbation of the asthma disease.(6) Quick-relief asthma medications include beta2-adrenoceptor agonists such as bitolterol, levalbuterol, salbutamol and terbutaline); adrenergic agonists such as inhaled epinephrine and ephedrine tablets; and anticholinergic medications such as ipratropium bromide. These asthma medications must be taken with caution as they may have adverse side effects. For instance, beta2-adrenoceptor agonists may cause tremor and hypertension.(7) They must not be used too often as their efficacy may decline, creating desensitization resulting into exacerbation of asthma symptoms that may eventually lead to refractory asthma and even death. As for long-term asthma control medications, they include inhaled glucocorticoids and long-acting β2-agonists.


Natural Home Cures Acai Berry For Asthma

Acai berry can also be used as a remedy since this fruit has anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore considered to be a natural remedy to assist with asthma. It is exceptionally rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B(s) and Vitamin C among many other vastly beneficial minerals and nutrients including Selenium, Zinc, and Essential Fatty Acids.

High levels of Vitamin A, found in the acai berry also increase the production of the mucous membranes within the body, which means that the main entry points for infection such as the eyes, nose, and urinary tract are more heavily guarded or protected against potential infection. Healthy doses of Vitamin A are also linked to superior levels of white blood cells, which act as the bodyguards against any unknown invaders that enter the blood stream.

Acai berry is high in Vitamin C content, which is around 15% to 22%. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system, which is very important especially if the asthma is caused by an allergen. One of the "ingredients" used by the body to manufacture white blood cells is Vitamin C, so having a high amount of vitamin C in the body means better protection against diseases and infections. Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties, so it helps remove free radicals that may damage the lungs and make it vulnerable to asthmatic attacks.


What Kind Of Acai Berry Supplement Should I Choose?

Acai berry can be taken in two different forms, namely the powder and the liquid form, simply because these are the only two forms that can tolerate long transportation hours without perishing. Although it is beneficial to take acai berry in its raw form, only Brazilian locals are fortunate enough to do this since the fruit comes from the Amazon.

One of the advantages that the powder form has over the liquid form is that it can be conveniently taken everywhere you go. Moreover, the freeze-dried acai berry pulp retains the purest state of the fruit. Acai berry juices, on the other hand, contain a lot of preservatives and other ingredients that are not necessarily acai berry extracts. Powder forms have a longer shelf life of up to three years. This is the form that is made available all around the world.


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