The Dirty Little Secret About Acai

Natural Home Cures Acai Berry is 100% High Quality, Clean, And Chemical Free


We pride ourselves on these facts alone as why would anyone market a product that does not contain quality standards all the way through from the harvesting to end consumer marketing.

Our acai is grown on one large acai berry farm in Brazil.  It's grown without chemicals (with no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers).  The acai berries are processed with cleanliness in mind and are certified by Biodynamic Institute Of Rural Development in Botucatu San Paulo, who is recognized by the International Federation Of Organic Agricultural Movement.  This is in addition to the certification given by the Association Of Organic Agriculture (AAO) located in Sao Paulo

With our product, you can rest assured that no pesticides are being sprayed on the berries and that the processing of our acai berry product is of the highest quality.

So the next time you think about purchasing your liquid acai or any other acai product for that matter.  Ask yourself this question. "Does the acai berry that you are consuming come with any dirty secrets?".

Pictures of How The Natural Home Cures Acai Berry Product Is Manufactured

Mangosteen Harvest Crop
Acai Berry Harvest Crop
Sorting Cleaning and Peeling
Acai Berry Powder
This is our crushing and encapsulating machine. It takes the acai berry from above, crushes it down to a powder then encapsulates it into bottles.

The bottles then pass through a labeling machine
where a final inspection of the product is carried out
before you receive the Natural Home Cures Acai Berry product.