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One BOTTLE of Freeze Dried Acai Berry Contains 120 Capsules

Each CAPSULE Contains 500 mg of Freeze Dried Acai Berry

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How Much Should You Order?
This information is based on each person consuming our Freeze Dried Acai Berry. Results are typically experienced within 60 days, depending on the medical illness or disease and only when the correct dosing schedule is followed. Therefore, you should order at least a 60-day supply to see if our Freeze Dried Acai Berry Capsules are right for you.

Preventative Maintenance (1 bottle = 60 days supply - 1 bottle of capsules and 1 bottle of drops should be ordered): If you currently DO NOT suffer from any known medical issues and are NOT taking doctor prescribed and monitored medication then this protocol is for you.  IE: You are simply looking to safeguard your energy, stamina and vitality, sense of happiness, mental clarity, concentration, focus or recall, increase male sexual function (libido), restore menstrual activity for women, improve visual acuity & eye health, protect against hangovers after a night of partying, or just want to enhance your overall immune system. You will want to consume one capsule twice a day.

Minor to Mild Illness/Disease (1 bottle = 30 days supply - 2 bottles of capsules and 1 bottle of drops should be ordered): If you are currently taking doctor or specialist prescribed and monitored medication for any illness or diseases such as mild arthritis, carpal tunnel or other joint, bone or body pain; cardiovascular health such as heart disease and diabetes or you are trying to lose weight, then you will want to consume two capsules twice a day; so two bottles of our Freeze Dried Acai Berry Capsules should be ordered for each person.

Severe to Chronic Illness/Disease (1 bottle = 14 day supply - 4 bottles of capsules should be ordered):  If you are currently under continuous doctor or specialist supervision, consume large amounts of prescription medication or have been dealing with your medical issue for longer than one year then you will want to consume 2 to 3 capsules, three to four times a day.

As you start to gain ahold of your illness or disease you will be able to reduce the number of capsules and drops you consume per day.

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Why Our Product Fails To Deliver Results For Some Who Consume It?
Less than 16% of our clients experience no results from consuming our Freeze Dried Nopal Powder Capsules and our Prickly Pear Drops.  For 90% of these clients, the reason can be traced back to the incorrect dosage and frequency of which our product is being consumed. If you are not sure, please contact Natural Home Cures as we are only an email or telephone call away and we can provide you with a dosing regimen that is correct for you. Remember, we care about your health, so please let us help you achieve these results by following our recommended instructions, guidance and staying in close contact with Natural Home Cures.

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