Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Rich Pericarp Mangosteen - Proprietary Blend - A Term Used To Hide The Fact That The Brand Contains Very Little Mangosteen

Proprietary blends are not inherently harmful to the consumer though they can be confusing when making comparisons.

Companies that list a “proprietary blend” on the bottle are usually doing so for one of two reasons:

(1) to prevent the competition from knowing exactly what ratios and amounts of mangosteen are present in the formula so the competition can't copy the recipe.

(2) to hide the fact that the formula contains very little mangosteen to fool consumers.

How can you tell the difference?

You can’t. Most mangosteen juice companies count on the fact that consumers don’t have the time to invest in researching the contents of their bottles of mangosteen juice. Some companies offer an impressive list of ingredients that they hope will justify higher prices; however, unless those ingredients are in proper and abundant proportions, the juice will have little effect on the overall health and wellness of those consuming it. Other companies attempt to baffle buyers with exclusive proprietary blends that conceal the actual content amounts. 

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