Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Contains Sulfur (S)

Sulfur is an essential trace element: It is required for the creation/synthesis of two essential amino acids—cysteine and methionine.(1) Sulfur may be of benefit in remedying two conditions— arthritis and rosacea. That said, generally, treatment of those conditions requires compounds in which sulfur is a component (such as in the application of dimethyl sulfoxide for the treatment of arthritis). It is thought that the topical application of sulfur might help with rosacea but, again, it would have to be a stable compound containing sulfur. Sulfur is also required for the healthy formation of the hair, skin and nails. Finally, sulfur proves itself essential on a cellular level via its involvement in cellular respiration which is the process whereby nutrients are converted into ATP.(2)

Dietary Sources
Eggs, Legumes, Onions, Garlic, Brussel sprouts, Asparagus, and our Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt.

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