Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Contains Molybdenum (Mo)

This trace element is found in the liver, skin, kidneys and bones of the body.(1) It is considered an essential trace element because it is required for certain enzymes to function correctly. Three such examples of enzymes which require molybdenum to carry out biochemical processes include xanthine oxidase, aldehyde oxidase, and sulfite oxidase. In those who have a molybdenum deficiency, mental retardation is a symptom. That said, deficiently in this trace element is rare.(2) Molybdenum may also help the body utilize nutritional iron as well as help with carbohydrate metabolism.(3)

Necessary for the body’s proper utilization of iron, and aids in metabolizing carbohydrates. It also helps the body detoxify potentially toxic sulfites commonly used to preserve food. Molybdenum is an essential trace element with low potential for toxicity.

Dietary Sources
Legumes, Beans, Peas, Lentils, Liver, Nuts and our Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt.

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