Himalayan Salt Applications and Recipes

L iving water and natural salt are foods, not medicines. Due to their special properties, these two life sources give us energy and have a balancing, neutralizing and detoxifying effect on our bodies. There is no better natural means to stimulate the body's own regenerative capacity and restore our equilibrium - water and natural crystal salt have a positive effect throughout the body. Drinking the sole made with Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt will enhance your physical and emotional well-being (inner harmony) and boost your energy levels. The Conventional Medical  Community protecol treats symptoms with potentially harmful medications instead of rooting out and eliminating the cause of the problem. These medications may put the body into a state of imbalance and cause it to lose its ability to swing back and center itself for restoration and repair.

If you have decided to switch over to a holistic alternative, proceed with caution; if you take prescribed medications regularly, you must seek medical advice before stopping them 'cold turkey' because further adverse side effects could be caused if you do not go through a weening-off period. Ask your doctor for advice, (hopefully, he/she is open to natural and holistic healing methods) to help you cut down on medications and eventually do without them altogether.

Below you will find all of our Himalayan Salt Applications and Recipes on how to prepare and use our Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt for maximum results.

Crystal Sole Salt Basics - Law of Physics: Salt crystals dissolve in water until a saturated 26-percent sole is formed. The concentrated sole is the starting point for many of the applications described within.

How To Make Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole Solution

(1) Add 1 part Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt to approximately 2 to 3 parts of good quality water in a clean glass container with a lid.  Ensure that the water completely covers the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt and let sit overnight. The warmer the water the faster the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt will dissolve.
For example to make 8 ounces of Sole Solution you would add approximately 2 ounces of our Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt to 6 ounces of water.

(2) If all the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt has dissolved, add a little more Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt to the water and allow it to sit a couple more hours. If you see some of the Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt at the bottom of the jar, it means your Sole Solution is at 26% maximum concentration and is ready to be used. You always want to have some Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt at the bottom of the jar and as your adding more water to make more sole, you will add more Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt.

(3) For a sole drink, take up to a teaspoon of concentrated sole from the container, add to a glass of water and stir vigorously. 

(4) A saturated sole will keep indefinitely as bacteria, viruses, or fungi are NOT able to multiply in it.

(5) Below is the approximate amount of Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt you will need and the amount of water to make that specific application if your not following steps (1) through (3) above.

Percentage of Solution Amount of Crystal Salt Amount of Water Application
1% Sole Solution 1/2 tsp. (2g) 7 ounces Water For Eyes & Nose
  2 tsps. (10g) 34 ounces Water For Inhalation
  1 Kilo (2.2 lbs.) 26 gallons /Full bath tub For Sole Bathing
2% Sole Solution 4 tsps. (20g) 34 ounces Water For Inhalation
  2 Kilos (4.5 lbs.) 26 gallons /Full bath tub For Sole Bathing
3% Sole Solution 6 tsps. (30g) 34 ounces Water For Inhalation
  3 Kilos (6.6 lbs.) 26 gallons /Full bath tub For Sole Bathing
10% Sole Solution 6 tsps. (100g) 34 ounces Water For Partial Bathing
  12 tsps (200g) 2 quarts Water For Partial Bathing

Sole Drink - Exhaustion, Stress, Digestion, Metabolism, Kidney, Bladder, Cleansing & Detoxifying, Nervousness, Concentration, Musculoskeletal Support and the Activation of the body's self-healing powers.

Warning: Sufferers of renal insufficiency or salt-sensitive hypertension must exercise caution. Use only a drop or two of sole at a time, and gradually increase.

Take a maximum of one teaspoon of your prepared saturated crystal salt sole.

The quality of the crystal salt is more important than the quantity or frequency of this application -always use our superior Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Initially, if you experience any adverse effects, it may be your body letting you know that the sole is working to detoxify the organism. If you feel a prolonged period of discomfort, reduce the concentration of the sole (the amount of salt you use to make the sole) or suspend the regimen. 

(1)  Put one teaspoon of sole solution in 8 oz. of water.

(2) Drink the diluted solution every morning on an empty stomach or take a teaspoon full of the undiluted sole and then wash it down with a large glass of water.

(3) The sole drink can be distributed over the whole day: add a teaspoon of sole to two pints of water and drink at intervals throughout the day.

(4) For children reduce the dosage according to body weight. A few drops of the sole is sufficient for infants.

Examples Of Use: Exhaustion, Stress, Digestion, Metabolic Support, Kidney, Bladder Health, Circulatory System Support, Cleansing and Detoxifying, Nervousness, Lack of Concentration, Skin Nourishment and Musculoskeletal Support. Natural Home Cures Himalayan Crystal Salt promotes the activation of the body's self-healing powers.

Sole Inhalation - Respiratory, Sinus and Lung Support Not recommended for sufferers of acute asthma. Consult a doctor before discontinuing any prescribed medication for asthma.

If you suffer from bronchitis, drink plenty of water in order to loosen the mucus and make it easier to cough up.

lf you have a chronic sinus infection, you should use sole nasal rinses periodically to help the regeneration of the mucous membranes and protect against recurring infection.

(1) Heat two pints of water in a wide pot or pan until it starts to give off steam.

(2) Using kitchen scales, measure one-third of an ounce of granulated crystal salt and add to the water. Stir until the salt has dissolved.

1-percent solution = 1/3 oz. per 2 pints water

2-percent solution = 2/3 oz. per 2 pints of water

3-percent solution = 1 oz. per 2 pints of water

Always start the treatment with a 1-percent solution and work your way up to a 3% solution.

(3) Cover your head with a large towel and bend over the bowl.

(4) Inhale the steam for 10 to 15 minutes, preferably through your nose.

(5) Inhalation can be repeated several times a day.

Examples Of Use: Respiratory Health, Lung Support, Healthy Sinus, Seasonal Health.

Sole Nasal Rinse - Warning: The nasal rinser or the dropper bottle should be sterilized for 5 to 10 minutes before every use.

Apply the rinse to each side of the nose twice a day with 100 ml (3.4 fluid ounces) of 1-percent solution.

Dose exactly 2 grams (112 tsp.) to 200 ml (62 fluid oz) of solution.

A one percent sole solution matches to the concentration of salt in our tears and does not cause a burning sensation.

(1) Obtain a glass nasal rinser from a pharmacy.

(2) Fill a measuring cup with exactly 200 ml (6.8 fluid ounces) of lukewarm water.

(3) Add 2 grams (1/2 tsp.) of granulated crystal salt (2 capfulls of the measuring spoon) and stir until the salt has dissolved.

(4) Fill the nasal rinser with 100 ml (3.4 fluid ounces) of solution for each nostril.

(5) Bend your head over the sink and place the beak of the douche at the end of one nostril.

(6) You may keep your mouth open or closed during the rinse.

(7) Tip your head slightly forwards and to one side (away from the side with the nasal rinser.)

(8) By lifting your index finger, the sole flows into one nostril and at the same time out of the other.

(9) Repeat the process with the other nostril, giving the sole time to work - do not wipe your nose straight away. You can repeat this several times daily.

(10) If you have a very dry nose, drops of a 1-percent sole should be applied at regular intervals on the mucous membranes using a dropper bottle.

Examples Of Use: Clearing & cleansing Sinuses, Respiratory Health and Environmental Defence.

Sole Eye Wash - Eyestrain, Eye Cleaning, and Age-related Vision Concerns Regular eye baths carried out over a long period of time can improve vision defects associated with aging.

Carry out an eye wash every morning and every evening before going to sleep.

Ensure you measure accurately so you get exactly 1 gram (1/4 tsp.) in 100 ml 
(3.4 fluid oz.) of water: this one percent ratio matches the concentration of salt in our tears and does not cause burning in the eye.

(1) Obtain a glass eye cup from a local retailer.

(2) Fill a measuring cup with exactly 100 ml (3.4 fluid ounces) of lukewarm water.

(3) Add 1 gram using a measuring spoon of granulated crystal salt to the water, stir until salt is dissolved.

(4) Remove any make-up from eyelashes and eyelids thoroughly.

(5) Pour the sole solution into the eye cup.

(6) Tip your head forwards and hold the cup against your eye such that no water can escape.

(7) Tip your head backwards so that the sole solution is covering your eye.

(8) Blink several times in order to spread the solution over the eye.

(9) Keep the eye open and let it circle for several minutes.

(10) Repeat the process with the other eye.

Examples Of Use: Dry eyes, Eyestrain (computer work), Environmental Defence, Age-related Vision Concerns, Eye cleansing.

Mouth and Throat Rinse - Clean, sparkling teeth and dissolve plaque and tartar.

Sole can also help keep teeth clean by dissolving plaque and tartar. simply dip your toothbrush in concentrated sole and brush your teeth. If you have open sores in the mouth area, reduce the concentration of the sole.

(1) Mix one to two parts water and one  part 26-percent saturated sole.

(2) Taking a sip at a time, press the solution through your teeth or gargle with it.

(3) Rinse the mouth with the solution for a minute, then spit out and repeat three or four times.

(4) Carry out several times daily, preferably after meal times.

Full Sole Baths - Stress, Exhaustion, Detoxification, Excess Acidity, Activation of Self-Healing Powers, Skin Clarity, Dry or Oily Skin, Burn-Out Syndrome, Natural Defenses and for Enjoyment.

A sole bath should have a concentration of at least one percent salt.

(1) For a standard bathtub (holding capacity about 25 gallons), you need 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of salt. With a larger tub, use proportionately more salt.  A salt brick can be used and kept in the bath water until the desired strength is reached.

(2) When the salt has dissolved, fill the tub full, using a thermometer to ensure a temperature of 98.6°F and do not use any other bath products in conjunction with the sole.

(3) Take a sole bath once or twice a week, for no less than 20 minutes at a time.

(4) Do not shower off after the bath. Pat yourself dry, do not rub.

Examples Of Use: Stress, Exhaustion, Detoxification, Excess Acidity, Activation of Self-Healing Powers, Skin Clarity, Dry or Oily Skin, Burn-Out Syndrome, Natural Defences and Relaxation for Restoration.

Partial Sole Baths (Use The NHC Salt Brick)

Warning: Do not use a concentration over one percent on open sores.   If you have circulatory problems, sole baths should only be taken under supervision. Great caution should be exercised in cases of serious vein disorders.

If you suffer from open sores, do not use a concentration above 2 to 3 percent.

Prepare a 3 - 10 percent sole solution depending on the treatment to be applied.

Partial baths with concentrations of 10 percent and over may be re-used several times. A slightly heaped dessert spoon corresponds to about 1 ounce of salt.

(1) Fill a bowl with 2 quarts of warm water, add crystal salt (4 tbsp. for a 3-percent, 14 tbsp. for a 10-percent solution) and stir until the salt has dissolved.

(2) Bathe the affected body part for 15 to 30 minutes in the solution.

(3) After bathing, do not rinse off, but pat the skin dry.

Example Of Use: Soothing Relief for the Feet, Rough Skin, Foot Blemishes: take a warm 10-percent foot bath daily. For Vaginal Health and comfort: take a 3-percent sitting bath daily.

Sole Embrocation - Face, Insect Bites Bites, Warts

(1) Dilute the saturated 26 percent sole 1 to 1 with water.

(2) Immerse your hands and dab your face with the sole and let it soak in for a few minutes.

(3) Rinse off with water.

Insect Bites and Warts
(1) Dab with concentrated sole, or soak a cotton pad with concentrated sole.

(2) Fix the pad in position with an adhesive bandage and keep it on overnight.

Make the salt crystal wet and rub under the armpits. The salt stops and prevents the growth of bacteria that are responsible for odour.

Sole Compresses

(1) Moisten a hand towel and sprinkle with drops of concentrated sole.

(2) Lay it on top of the affected areas and cover with a dry towel.

Sole-Soaked Shirt

(1) Make up a 2- to 8-percent sole (4 to 16 tsp, of salt to a quart of water.)  

(2) Dip a cotton shirt in the solution and ring out.

(3) Put on the moist shirt, wrap yourself in a dry terry towel and lie down in bed. You will begin to sweat after about half an hour.

(4) After 60 to 90 minutes, take off the shirt and shower off the sweat.

Sole-Soaked Socks

(1) Make up a 2- to 10-percent sole (4 to 20 tsps. of salt to a quart of water.)

(2) Immerse the socks, put them on moist and wrap your feet in a dry towel.

(3) Leave the socks on for at least an hour.

Hint: If you suffer from acute inflammatory joint complaints, you can use a cold pack (available from pharmacies) in conjunction with the sole compress, laying the pack on top of the damp compress.  

Examples Of Use: Joint, Bone, Tissue, Liver, Gastrointestinal, Neuromuscular Health and Comfort, Kidney Health and Metabolic Support.

Crystal Salt Peeling Treatment

Warning: Never use high concentrate sole compresses on open wounds.

Instructions: Either mix the content of the Water & Salt peeling to a smooth paste, or proceed as follows:

(1) Mix two to three tablespoons of granulated crystal salt with the same amount of natural oil (e.g. macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, sesame oil.)

(2) Have a quick hot shower to open your pores then lie down on a large towel or sheet and rub the mixture onto your body giving the mixture a stir at regular intervals.

(3) Wrap yourself in the sheet and cover yourself with a blanket leaving the peeling for at least 30 minutes. 

(4) Rinse the salt off briefly in the shower and then pat, do not rub, your skin dry.

Examples Of Use - Regeneration, Stress, Skin Clarity (use lukewarm water, Dry Skin, Wrinkle Deense, Detoxification and Purification.

A crystal salt peeling treatment is particularly effective after a sauna or a steam bath when the pores are wide open and the salt can penetrate deep into the layers of skin.

Salt Cushion


(1) Briefly warm a small dry linen bag or cushion of crystal salt in the oven at 120 to 140°F or cool the cushion for half an hour in the freezer compartment.

(2) Lay the salt cushion on the painful area for about 20 minutes.

Examples Of Use

Warm Linen Cushion: Ear, Kidney, Liver and Gall Bladder, Joint and Back Health.

Cooled Linen Cushion: Musculoskeletal, or soft tissue comfort.

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