Do You Know What You're Really Purchasing...Be An Informed Acai Consumer?

Do You Know What You're Really Purchasing
Be An Informed Acai Berry Consumer?


It is not Natural Home Cures' position to compete over any current company that markets acai berry; if you are currently consuming acai berry with success, please continue to use that company's acai berry product.  Below is a comparison between two well-recognized acai berry suppliers and Natural Home Cures' acai berry. We simply want to give you the knowledge to make an informed consumer-purchasing decision.  We have listed only the first letter of the companies names; Although, with a little research you will be able to quickly identify the companies.

Companies (First Letter of Name) Company AP Company M NHC
Price/bottle $49 + S/H $45+ S/H $30.00 inc S/H
Quantity (ounces or capsules) 25 ounces 25.35 ounces 120 capsules
Acai mg/ounce or mg/capsule 500 mg/ounce 1000 mg/ounce 500 mg/capsule
Acai mg/bottle 12,500 25,350 60,000
Equivalent bottles needed to match the
Acai in one bottle of NHC
3 1 1/2 1
Product pasteurized or reconstituted Yes Yes No
Additives or preservatives added Yes Yes No
Price you would need to pay to equal
one bottle of Natural Home Cures Acai
$147 + S/H $67.50 + S/H  

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